Finding a point of connection is a great way to feel at home.



Sometimes joining a church and being part of a crowd can feel pretty intimidating! We believe that being part of a LifeGroup is the best possible way to connect with others and figure out exactly what it means to be part of a thriving community.

CityHill Kids

CityHill Kids

A safe and secure environment where kids meet new friends, have fun and learn about God in a relevant way. CityHill Kids runs during our morning and evening meetings, offering your child exciting worship and practical age-appropriate, Bible-based ministry provided by our CityHill kids leaders and Life Coach team.




Grades 5 – 7

Fridays, 5:30pm- 7:30pm

Entrance 4

A safe place for pre-teens to hang out with each other, have fun in the most creative ways, meet new friends, and most importantly, discover their identity in God. A place to ignite the passions to be found in what God has planned.

Whatsapp: 0684590708

Amped youth

Grades 8 – 12

Sundays, 4:30pm – 5:30pm

An exciting youth movement catering to teens from grade 8 – 12. We’re passionate about teaching and Inspiring young people to become the best versions of themselves; empowering them to become pioneers in culture and society through faith. We value the gospel, worship, friendships and fun.

golden warriors

Golden warriors

Golden Warriors is for our senior citizens. These are the men and women who have served our Lord faithfully for many years. The battles fought and victories won so ably demonstrate the wonderful truth that an intimate relationship with Jesus transforms lives.



When we are in a right relationship with God we are able to be truly human and in right relationship with one another. CityHeart is a ministry focused on redemption and restoration

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