02 JUNE 2018

09:00 – 13:00
CityHill Church


with Special Guest DR “C”



Loving and Reaching Muslims

Muslims are everywhere yet we often we don’t know how to communicate to them the hope we have in Christ. This session will help you understand Muslims and equip you to communicate the love of Christ to those of them around you. Also with the rising wave of Islamic terror globally many of us are seeking an understanding of why this is happening and how to partner with God in reaching Muslims across the globe. This session will help you to do just that.


The nations are coming to us. In our city today there are increasingly large populations of people from areas of the world that is so different from ours – from Chinese to Pakistanis to Somalis. Some see this as a problem and we know about xenophobia. But from an understanding of his ways it is obvious that God is bringing the nations to us. This session will help you understand what God is doing and give you tools to reach these immigrants.


Know Your Call

Often we think that, if we are not called to go to the nations, then there is no role for us to play – yet everyone is needed and everyone has a part to play in reaching the  nations. You can pray, give or go. This session will help you to identify the part that God has called you to play in reaching the nations.


Global Opportunities

Let us take you on a trip around the world as we highlight what God is doing, and practical opportunities that exist for service in various parts of the world. There is something for everyone. This session will give you up to date information to help you to understand how God is working in the nations and specific gaps that you can fill.


Get Ready For A Short Term Mission Trip

Are you interested in going on a mission trip, but not sure whether or not you are prepared for it? This session will equip you to adequately prepare for your next trip as well as teach you how to make the most of a mission trip an life thereafter.