“Life without limits” is our mission and community project.

This will bring students a well-rounded picture of the world they live in and the impact they could make upon it, should they put their minds to it. We have three separate areas of mission and community work. They are as follows:

Our students will have the adventure of a lifetime as they head oversees to experience, explore and impact communities in one offshore mission. Europe, Asia and South-America are some of the exciting places we could go.

There will be one mission trip into the heart of Africa, experiencing Africa at it most radical. Gathering around campfires, experiencing community traditions, sleeping in mud huts, learning to use a long drop, doing street evangelism, helping build churches are just a few of the many activities we will get involved with on these trips. We travel to countries such as Malawi, Botswana, Zambia, Mozambique, Namibia, etc.

Reaching out to the communities that are just around the corner can sometimes have the most powerful impact on us and the people we help. Here we focus on assisting and supporting local ministry into orphanages, rehabilitation centres, aids shelters, local crèches and many more