A registration fee of R500 is to be paid when applying for the course. A proof of payment must accompany the application form.
Fees are to be paid by the 1st of each month.
Monthly fees are R1750 x 11 = R 19250 per annum.
Occasionally extracurricular activities will attract an additional cost

Payment Options
All fees can be paid either by EFT or by monthly debit order.
Non – payment will result in suspension until payment is made.
Invoices will be sent monthly as a reminder of payments due.


For those students requiring accommodation, accommodation will be organized on a case-by-case basis. All fees related to accommodation, food, etc. will be for the students account and is not included in the course fees.  

Expenses not included in the course fees:

  • Offshore mission. Estimated cost R15 000 per person. *
  • Personal travel documents
  • Stationary
  • Accommodation

*We believe that it is very important for our students to attempt to raise some of these funds themselves and we will assist them in generating ideas of how they can contribute towards these costs.