Our heart as CityHill Church is to see young people live a life of passion and purpose. We are committed to equipping our future leaders in life and Godliness. We believe every young person has the potential to change the world, but they first need to change their world.

CityLife Leadership Academy exists to develop character, maturity, leadership, and one’s spiritual life. It is a foundational year where young people are equipped for life and are given the tools to discover how their passions and purpose align. Through focusing on five core areas, we aim to provide a year of adventure and tremendous growth.

In a world of uncertainty, we believe that Jesus has called us to be “…the light of the world – like a city on a hilltop that cannot be hidden” Matthew 5:14-16. A city is an ever-changing environment that is multifaceted in many ways. It is always moving, growing, and developing.

We believe that this generation of young people has a huge role to play in this ever-changing world. For them to be a light in society, they to need always to be moving, growing, and developing hence the name CityLife Leadership Academy.


It doesn’t matter if you consider yourself strong, weak, extraverted, introverted, cool or uncool, our program is not a “one size fits all” but instead tailored to meet each person where they are and help move and grow them to where they want to be. There will be no “standard” requirement besides the requirement of you doing your best, coming with an open heart, and putting on your best attitude to grow. Each participant will have a mentor assigned to them for the year to ensure this personalised promise is fulfilled.


Parents we have you at the heart of our CityLife Leadership Academy program. We believe it is absolutely vital for your involvement in the continuous development of your child. To ensure we have you on this journey with us, we are committing to:

  • Once every four months Parent meeting with CityHill Gap year team.
  • Once every four months, written feedback from your child’s mentor. (Every mentor will keep confidentiality with your child but give you overall feedback on their sessions every four months).
  • Direct communication with the team leader of CityLife for you to share any concerns, questions, or comments.
  • Once a month, electronic newsletters to inform you of what’s been happening in the program.

It is estimated that most people will have up to 18 different jobs during their lifetime. Today, 70% of varsity students will change their intended degree during their studies resulting in wasted time and money for students and parents alike. Many young people fresh out of school, do not always have a clear understanding of who they are or what they want to do long term. CityLife is not merely an action-packed year of fun and adventure, but a program that focuses on assisting you to discover your vocational future, as well as, develop and call out the greatness that we believe God has established in you to live your best life now! This program is not only aimed at school-leavers, but also for those aged between 18-24 years.

There will be no “standard” requirement besides the requirement of you doing your best, coming with an open heart, and putting on your best attitude to grow. Each participant will have a mentor assigned to him or her for the year to ensure this personalised promise is fulfilled.


Do you love snuggling up on the couch and watching Netflix? Then adventure is not your thing… YET! But we can help with that.

Our adventure varies from jumping off waterfalls to social upliftment projects and team building activities. Adventure is not only designed for fun and team building but also, to help you overcome fears, challenge you mentally, physically, and develops character in our view of people and the world we live. This will push you to the limits of growth, not to the limits of brokenness.

Do you have what it takes to step into this life-changing challenge?


Beyond Borders, we have got the amazing privilege to reach out to many people in need not only through Africa but right here in our community. This will challenge our heart in love and compassion and develop a greater sense of appreciation for life overall.

Two mission trips into Africa (Lesotho, Mozambique, etc.) are included in the program fees, and the team will have a chance to raise funds for trip deeper into the heart of Africa (i.e., Malawi, Zambia and beyond).

Fundraising is a great bonding experience for the team with a rewarding trip to serve and learn from other cultures.


Can you change a plug without burning the house down? Neither can I…, and that’s why we will be doing this together!

Life Skills will vary from changing a plug to being a trained barista to single-handedly leading an outreach team into Africa.

Life Skills focuses on wholesomely developing you through practical lessons as well as personal teachings such as problem-solving and how to best handle money through budgets and investment opportunities.

Do you have the skills to live your best life today? In one year, you just might.

Some of our life skill programs, designed to develop character, include:

  • Personal Mentorship
  • Clifton’s Strengths finder (Discovering the strengths you were born with)
  • Myers Briggs (Understanding the personality you have developed)

We hope this doesn’t catch anyone by surprise; after all, this is a church gap year program.

That being said, we are not weird or forceful. As mentioned previously, we meet every person where they are at in life and Godliness. Our Spiritual Development will come through two main channels; First being through biblical studies and second through the practical application of church life and missions.

All we ask is for you to come with an open heart and to will to learn, you can belong before you believe.

If you already believe, get excited to grow in your calling.


All jokes aside, do you like to sing? Talk? Be creative? Do you love designing or any form of media? What about making coffee or just being helpful to people?

Ministry experience is the opportunities we have to serve in CityHill Church in your areas of passion as well as discovering new areas of passion.

Some of these areas include:

  • Barista training
  • Media
  • Music Ministry
  • Youth
  • Children’s Ministry
  • Events (Logistics)
  • Communication

It’s easy!  Download the application forms by clicking on the “Register Now” button, fill in the forms and email them back to CityLife@cityhill.co.za