The core of why CityHill Kids exists can be found in Psalm 78: “We will not hide these truths from our children; we will tell the next generation about the glorious deeds of the LORD, about his power and his mighty wonders… and they in turn will teach their own children.” – Psalm 78:4;6


Our vision for CityHill Kids is that, from when children form their first opinions about the world, they are receiving and having their worldview shaped by truths about God – that He is real, that He is good, and that in Christ is the only way to live. Our heart is that by the time a child turns into a teen, their faith is already strong and mature, and they have a Rock to stand on for the rest of their lives!


That’s why CityHill Kids exists. Every one of us is part of a spiritual generation who are declaring God’s glory and power, His love and the abundant hope that is in Christ, to a new generation.


Like Tim Mitchell, who felt called by God to serve in CityHill Kids at the beginning of 2019. He shares how it was so clear that this was where God wanted him to be. He has found serving in Kids Ministry hugely rewarding as he gets to show the children God’s love and he confessed that “he gets more out of being in CityHill Kids than the children.” His highlight this past year was our Testimony week: where he got to witness kids standing up and sharing about what God has been doing in their lives!


Linda Mabaso has been part of the CityHill kids team for 4 years. God brought her out of a spiritual slump where she felt strongly that not being actively involved in the body of Christ was one of her hindrances in her Christian walk. She has always been drawn to teaching, so CityHill kids was a natural fit for her. She says: “Serving keeps me on my toes – it keeps me relying on God – the more I serve – the more He fills me.”


Denzil Steyn and his daughter Tayla have been serving in CityHill kids for the past 2 and 3 years respectively. Denzil’s highlight on a Sunday morning is being able to worship God with these amazing, passionate little people and exploring the word “with the boys”. Tayla, who started serving when she was in grade 9, shares how the children have taught her the “true meaning of childlike faith” and inspire her with their “overwhelming joy that is utterly contagious”.


For the tiny tots, we have three beautiful parent’s rooms where volunteers can serve as hosts to help facilitate a wonderful atmosphere and serve the parents and children using the facilities. From the age of two, children can be checked into our Little Stars facility.


We serve and love children through dynamic worship, fun teaching, and connecting and discipling in small groups. Children are welcomed and loved from the moment they are checked in by volunteers at the desk, from the stage by our large group and worship team, and by our small group leaders. As they grow and develop, they transition into Shift, the next stage of their church life for young people in grades 7 to 9.


Firehouse, our junior youth, runs on Fridays nights for children in grades 5 to 7 and relies on an energetic team of volunteers who act as role models for the children in our church and surrounding community. Here, children can find a safe, fun place to hang out with other young people while discovering their identity in Christ and igniting a passion for Him.