Cinnamon Roast

Being a tea-drinker, I never really understood the attraction to coffee until I tasted a certain brand that came in a white & green paper cup. That particular blend worked on my palate and I have looked out for it ever since.

Coffee comes in many forms and flavours but they all start out the same. As beans. The roasting, grinding and filtering are what changes the strength. The life of a coffee bean sounds a bit traumatic. Coffee “cherries” are harvested and in order to get to the bean, they need to have the fleshy outer removed by either a wet or dry process. The wet process soaks the outer layers off through a series of processes (one is called aquapulping. Ouch!) The dry process requires the coffee cherries to be dried for up to 4 weeks before being hulled. Once the coffee beans have been collected they are polished, cleaned, sorted and graded. That is only the start! From there they are roasted, cooled and packaged. The length of the roasting is what really alters the taste.

A Woman And Her Silver Coins

The number ten in the Bible is considered by some to signify a completed course of time or completeness in divine order. Here are some places where the number 10 appears in the Bible - in the creation story the term ‘God said’ appears 10 times in Genesis chapter 1;...


        It’s found in every household. It’s small, feels comfortable and is designed to make life easier for us. It even has a character of its own. It can bring happiness yet, on the other side of the coin, can cause conflict and harsh words to be said. It’s the...

Tech Savvy Ten Years On

Have you ever misplaced a child? That horrible feeling as you realise – “they’re not here!” The exact same thing happened with Jesus and His parents (the Bible – the gospel of Luke, chapter 2, verse 41, records the incident). Having visited the capital city, the folks...

Naked And Afraid

Awhile back I had the misfortune of turning on our TV to a show called ‘Naked and Afraid’. Before my very eyes were two naked strangers stranded on an island and expected to ‘survive’. Besides the blurry man bits and girl bobs that distracted my view – the concept was horrendous. Why on this living earth would anyone want to stab snakes, smash coconuts, endure torrential rain in poorly made shelters (the poorly may be attributed to constantly having to pause to scratch one’s bottom …?) and hope that eventually the fish is caught and that the fire actually starts after hours of rubbing. And all of this NAKED!

Ten Years On

Ten years ago, I wrote an article for the very first culture magazine. Over 10 years my life has changed drastically; from being a single girl in grade 10, a youth leader in the church and serving on kids ministry; to being a wife, mother and coming onto the eldership...

Do For One

Most of us have heard the story of a girl who walks along a beach that is covered with washed-up starfish and starts throwing them back into the sea so that they can live. A man comments to her, “You can’t save them all, you aren’t going to make a difference.” To which the girl replies as she throws one more back into the sea, “I made a difference to that one.”

Where Has Time Gone

"Where has time gone?" A question often asked and certainly one that leaves most dejected and thinking of missed opportunities. I heard a saying recently: “The wealthiest real estate is your local cemetery. There lie songs never sung. Books never written. Holidays...

An Inconvenient Gospel

In 2006 Al Gore, the ex-vice president of the United States, created a documentary highlighting the global disaster that lay in store if the world’s governments failed to make it their mission to reduce global warming. He called it “An Inconvenient Truth”.

When God Closes A Door

When we get a “NO” from God – when a door bangs closed – it’s often loud and shocking. We may have to cope with feelings of disbelief, disappointment and abandonment. “What will happen now?” “Did I hear from God?” “It all seemed so right.” At first, it is good to...