Put Your Feet Up

When Michelangelo completed the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel I’d like to think he took some time to look at it, that he lay on his back and took in the work he had taken four years to complete and just enjoy it.

God Speaks

A few weeks ago, a friend's birthday came around. I’m not usually the greatest at purchasing gifts, but this time I had a clear picture in my mind – pink roses. I knew that this gift would bless her, so that’s what I set out to get. Three shopping centres later, in...

Spend Yourself

All too often in Christian and Church circles, I think we tend to have an automatic assumption of what giving is. We assume it to be financial. Perhaps however it is a little more multi-faceted than this. Bear with me, as I share some thoughts and personal experiences of giving.

Fire Extinguisher Needed

Social media – choose your weapon, there are numerous different platforms that suit different needs and ages – can be a wonderful tool. Social media is certainly a two-edged sword and should be wielded with careful consideration and, preferably, with some training....

Rich Young Ruler

Some obstacles are easy to see – like a closed door or a roadblock. It’s often easier to identify someone else’s obstacles or shortcomings than your own (one of the reasons we are all so good at giving unsolicited advice!) But has it ever occurred to you that your personal dreams and aspirations could be your biggest obstacle?

Blessed To Be A Blessing

We're not called to love conditionally. We're not called to give conditionally. We're not called to forgive conditionally. We're not called to practice selective benevolence. God doesn't. And far from having a special heart for those with picture-perfect lives (you...

Yours Sincerely

Connecting with others in the life of the church is a must and there are no shortage of opportunities to create meaningful friendships, with groups abounding in variety and size. It’s what you do when you get there that matters most!

CityHill Together

In my leadership journey, one of the key things I've had to figure out is how to truly believe in people's dreams and why that is so important. The reality is that none of us achieves anything alone - there are always others playing a critical part in inspiring us to...

Mother Teresa

It was Mother Teresa who said: “Spread love everywhere you go. Let no one ever come to you without leaving happier.”
These aren’t idle words.

Re Calculating

I had known that this was coming and I thought that I was well prepared spiritually, emotionally and financially but nevertheless, it was still a big thought to get my head around – unemployed at 40! I never realised just how much of a challenge it would be and what...