Well done moms & dads and all those out there who are juggling children during lockdown (along with working from home, housework, and the normal demands of life)! For some, this time has allowed you to slow down, smell the roses and enjoy family time. For others, you are hanging in there; home schooling is killing you, the house is a disaster zone and you are not sure how long you will be able to survive.  After chatting to a number of you out there I have a few gems I thought relevant to share with you:

  1. Don’t wish you lived your Facebook/Instagram life!

Can we all please be real!  Appreciate the “Jones’s for who they are but please don’t try to be them.  Figure out who you are as a family?  You either love board games or you don’t!  It’s that simple!  Be realistic and content with your family.

ACTION: Create a suggestion box or list of fun family activities you can do together at home during lockdown.  Save these for the weekends when you need something fun to break the monotony, or when you need to spend some extra time together having fun!  Download our list of ideas here.

  1. All the psychologists are saying it – but it’s true!

Children especially need routine as it helps them to feel safe and secure.  Routine is also vital for us when we are going through a time of uncertainty.  What does a typical weekday look like in your home?  Are you sleeping in or staying in your pj’s all day? Do you feel like all the days are blurring into one? Even though we are not going into the office and kids are not at school, beds still need to be made, teeth brushed and the pets fed.

ACTION: Download our suggested daily routine or dream up your own, but plan a daily routine that suits your family (plan it together – getting realistic by including your children). Remember this is a guideline – don’t kill yourself if you don’t get it right every day (no one will know except you!)

  1. I just love minions!

And minions share the load and work together as a team!  This is such a great way to grow family unity, to teach valuable life skills and make little people feel responsible and grown up!  BUT – encourage them – they are not always going to get it right, your idea of a tidy bedroom and theirs may be very different.

ACTION: Download our suggested duty list or create your own duty list so that the housework or gardening does not just rest on one person’s shoulders.  Remember to distribute tasks according to children’s age, to have teachable moments and to encourage rather than judge.  Make each family member feel valued as they contribute to the running of the home.

  1. No man was meant to live on an island!

We all need to connect with others, even the introverts!  Don’t forget your children also need to video call their friends, their grandparents…keeping connected is more important than ever at the moment as we are so isolated physically.

ACTION: Diarise to contact at least one person a day or one every second day to keep connected with extended family and to look after important friendships.

  1. As we strive to be positive each day, be aware that positive charge runs out!

Both you and your children need to “recharge” daily.  As Christ-followers we recognise that we need Jesus to be our source of energy, hope, and love.  The more time we spend in His word and talking to Him, the more like Jesus we become.  Have you planned for both you and your family to have time with Jesus?  A daily devotion; commitment to an online church on a Sunday; Bible stories and prayer time before bed; once a week “breaking of bread” or meal time sharing like “what are you grateful for today?” are all great ways to focus not only our own lives but our children’s hearts on our King of kings!

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