One evening in late November, I arrived home at around 11pm after preaching at a meeting. My daughter and a young man, Thami, who lives with us, arrived home from worship practice around the same time. I parked my car in the garage and went inside to greet my wife who had been waiting up for us. She and my daughter went to bed and the friend who had dropped my daughter off, left to go home.

As he drove off, Thami locked the garden gate and I watched from the garage. Then I heard it… the sound of a gun being cocked… two men appeared – one was armed with a gun and the other with a knife.

The two men cable-tied Thami’s hands and then took us into the house where they demanded the keys to our vehicle and money and they took my watch and wedding ring. They then asked for the key to our front gate so I told them where to find the key and the man armed with the knife went out to unlock the gate. I was hopeful that they would be leaving soon, but the man armed with the knife returned and whispered something to his accomplice and things took a turn for the worse… Suddenly the man armed with the gun started demanding more money and that I give him access to the safe. I told him that I had given him all the money I had and that we didn’t have a safe, but this only seemed to anger him even more. He demanded that I take him to the bedroom where my wife was asleep so that she would give him access to the safe. Thami and I were marched down the passage – the gun at my back and the knife at Thami’s back.

I thought of my wife and daughter who were still asleep and I instinctively knew I had to protect them from these criminals. I stopped outside the door to the laundry, pretending it was the door to our bedroom. As I turned and faced the man who held the gun to my back I grabbed his hand and, catching him by surprise, I was able to force his arm up so that the gun was aimed at the ceiling. I pushed him and soon we were moving back down the passage towards the kitchen. I had managed to successfully divert them from the bedrooms.

In the kitchen, the man with the knife lunged at me. Instinctively I stepped back, letting go of his accomplice’s arm. Thami stood by, powerless as his hands were still cable-tied together, and the man with the gun aimed it at my forehead and pulled the trigger. He shot me in the forehead at close range. I fell to the floor, blood gushing from my head and I heard the screams of my wife and daughter who were woken by the gunshot and the ensuing commotion. The criminals fled on foot, and my family rushed me to the hospital.

Miraculously, the bullet had not penetrated my skull, it had just caused a small fracture. I was released from the hospital two days later once the doctors were confident that there was no risk to my health. I was so thankful to God and humbled by what He had done to spare my life.

Initially, after being released from the hospital, I was fearful and didn’t want to go home. But with some trauma counselling and lots of love and prayers, I am doing so much better. God has ministered to my soul and set me free from fears. I continue to thank Him and give Him glory for this miracle, for sparing my life and protecting my family. Our God is alive, we have seen His hand.

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