I was blessed with the privilege of being made Head of School this year, which has been an incredible journey of growth for me.  I have encountered many challenges, but through them, I have learnt and grown a lot. Next year I plan to study at the University of Pretoria. A priority of mine will be to find and join a church that I can enjoy…

Surrounding yourself with Christians and belonging to a church are key aspects to staying firmly rooted in Jesus. Our passion for God can stop burning strong if we try to follow Jesus alone and don’t connect with a church that loves God. Having a good routine to read the Bible and pray is essential to stay firmly rooted in the faith. For me, I have a half-an-hour drive to school every morning, and that is when I read my Bible on my Bible app on my phone. Listening to worship music is something I love to do and is an element of my faith that I often turn to when I am overwhelmed or need time to spend time with God and unwind.

Matric is a very pressurising and busy, important year, especially with the added responsibility as Head of School. It is important to have time to connect with God, and with friends, to play sport and to have time to rest. I love to surf, so that is my time to be refreshed and recharged and I try to surf as often as I can. Teenagers can often become so consumed by the pressures of school, sport and socialising expectations that they forget to do activities that they enjoy and which bring them happiness during stressful times. In these activities that we enjoy, we can often find that we draw closer to God while doing them as we take our minds off school and stress and enjoy God and His goodness.

My advice to young people on a faith journey is to stay humble and understand how small we are in comparison to God. It is easy to become proud when we are achieving, but all that can be taken away faster than it came.  There are so many worldly temptations and distractions, and we must continually remind ourselves what our purpose on earth is, which is to glorify God, to make His name known, to live for Him. When we make mistakes and mess up, and feel like we have let God and people down, we can’t beat ourselves up. Remember that God is faithful and always willing to forgive us and extend His grace to us.

Hebrews 12 says, “We must run with perseverance the race marked out for us.”  We must not give up when life is tough; instead we must rely on His strength and not our own, to get us through. Our main focus should be living to please God, not to please people. “But blessed is the man who trusts in the Lord, whose confidence is in him.” This scripture in Jeremiah 17:7 highlights that we must trust in God and not in man.

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