God is incredibly faithful. When I look back and see what He has done so far, I am amazed. Isaiah writes that “His ways are higher than our ways, and His thoughts are higher than our thoughts.” Can you imagine what the King of the universe thinks of our biggest dreams? Can you imagine what He can do in and through us when we come before Him and submit our dreams to Him? When we say “God, Your will be done.” He is the exceedingly, abundantly more than we can ever ask for God. Now imagine when God says, “Your biggest and wildest dreams are just the start. I can take whatever you bring me, and multiply it exponentially.” He is the God of increase; God supreme. That’s the God we serve. And this is the start of my journey.

In 2015, I took a week off, shortly after finalising my own retrenchment, and sat down in front of my laptop. I had just been paid a package to leave my previous employer. After trimming our living expenses, and some clever restructuring, our 4 month salary package turned to 8 months. But there wasn’t time to waste. My wife was not working at the time and our firstborn, Ezra, had just turned one year old. Back in front of my laptop, I sat down and said, “Okay God, what’s next?” This was blank canvas time. And what happened is that God began to share with me some thoughts and strategy. I had this crazy idea, “why don’t I invest in other businesses?” There was this special tax incentive that had been around for a while, but had never really taken off. To encourage investment the government was providing these incentives. I sat there dreaming, “If I were an investor, what would I invest in?” What would our investment thesis look like? All in, I dived in. I would intersperse my thoughts with prayer, some research, and more prayer. God would highlight scripture; I’d pray and He’d highlight further strategy. Slowly, what was happening was that our investment thesis was taking shape. The reason for why, what and when that would guide all our investment decisions.

During this time, one of the scriptures God highlighted to me was Luke 19. This is a parable about the ten minas. One mina is equivalent to approximately 3 months’ salary. In this parable a nobleman, before he left for a faraway country, called ten of his servants together and gave them each a mina and he told them to engage in business until he returns. And on his return each of his servants had to give an account.


1. Positioning yourself for kingship. In verse 12 we read that this master was of nobility (not royalty) but he knew what he wanted, what he was called to, and took it with purpose. When you read this in line with scripture that talks about us being sons of the King, you realise that God desires we step into that same authority and with purpose. Nothing happens that isn’t already planned.

2. Portfolio is important. This nobleman diversified his portfolio among ten servants.

3. In verse 13 the master said to engage in business until he returned, highlighting there must always be a defined investment period.

4. There is also always an expected return on investment. In fact, verse 16 highlights that the one servant had a 10 times multiple return; that is a 1,000% return.

5. And very importantly: there is a direct link between the ability to create wealth and influence. If you recall, the servant who produced ten minas was given authority over ten cities.

“The Holy Spirit showed me a direct link between the ability to create wealth and authority given over cities and nations.”

The fifth lesson was a monumental one for me. God reminded me of Psalm 2 verse 8 where it says, “Ask of me and I will give you the nations as your inheritance, the ends of the earth as your possession.” I used to think that asking God for the nations was reserved for church planting. But no. Here the Holy Spirit drew a direct link for me between the ability to create wealth and authority over cities. To have the nations as your inheritance, to have authority over them, you don’t get that because you were voted into power. You receive authority over cities and nations when you create significant wealth. By God’s design, we become an outlet for His blessings to flow through us for the purposes of influencing the nations and advancing the Kingdom of God and extending the rulership of Christ.

As I sat there, unpacking this scripture and developing this investment mandate, I asked God, “Well, what do we call this?” And, in an instant, the name Kingson Capital dropped into my mind. I wrote it down. And I loved it. That very thing about being a son of the King and having all of heaven’s resources available was inspiring. As I read that name over again the Holy Spirit spoke a second time and said, “Make sure you remain a son of the King, and you never view yourselves as kings on capital.” It was sobering and refreshing at the same time.

Honestly, there is so much more to unpack about our journey, but our time is up.


We began investing nearly three years ago. In our first fund we invested into ten businesses. At the end of last year we secured a $10 million debt guarantee facility from the United States government that forms part of our second fund. In February this year we opened a R400 million fund which will be invested into between 30 and 50 other businesses. While these are still early days, we’ve been blown away by the kindness of God to fulfil that which He has put in our hearts. And we look forward in anticipation of the increase and influence to come.

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