My fitness fanatic daughter wants to go running before school at sunrise. She persists; I agree. I am used to afternoon runs. We run up the hill. We run up another hill. We walk slowly in the foggy dawn across the top of the park.

The whole city is at our feet. The sun is rising between buildings. The sea is sparkling in newness of the day.

I have seen this city view so many times. But now at the start of the day I feel the new mercies God is pouring out. Literally millions of people down there. Whole highways of them entering the space. The sound rises softly. Most of them are oblivious to the newness of the mercy. Like they know the ocean is there but they are going to work so they push the ocean out their mind. Like I was not thinking about Jesus at all, just running the hill.

I just stand there in waves of mercy watching the moment. It’s always in these moments, when you’re not expecting God at all, that He decides to arrive in a whole new dimension of awareness.

He shows you more of what He sees; what He feels. As if the run up the hills really was the: “who shall climb the mountain of the Lord?”
As if you are the watchman preparing the way of the highway of holiness. As if you his only daughter right now holding his city in his hand and your heavenly Father shares that moment with you. Reserves it for you exclusively

There are no words to describe how great the waves of mercy are. There is no way to put the moment into a picture. It is just a flash of heaven touching earth for a moment. It is grace extended into every part of my mind and heart and the mind and heart of the Father. I want to stay here forever standing in the waves of mercy watching this city sunrise. I want to hold it close. It is beyond a thousand worship songs. It is stronger than any sermon. It is more beautiful than the sun coming up.

It is new mercy rising over the day for everyone and my God decided to share!

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