At 16, Ethan has discovered what many of us only learn as adults – the joy of serving in God’s Kingdom. He is in good company – from the phalanx of young engineers at the Funkytown sound desk, to the motley crew of teens and pre-teens in the AllStars and Funkytown classrooms, teaching and modeling to younger children, to the young gents whom you might spot at the main auditorium sound desk or behind the cameras on a Sunday morning and the beaming young men and women serving coffee, parking cars, and much more. Our young people (some as young as 10 or 12!) are responding to God’s call to “serve one another in love.”

“Serving in CityHill Kids is more of an opportunity than anything else. Evening church is very helpful to many people who may not be able to make a Sunday morning. For me, serving in kids’ ministry is similar to going to church as every time I talk to the children I actually learn a thing or two about God or the Bible.

I’ve seen how getting involved in the church can really change people’s lives and their perception of God. I get to attend the church service in the morning and then serve in the evening. This all started when I asked my mom about how I could get involved in the church and she pointed me in the direction of “Evening Kids”.

I have been serving in Evening Kids for five months and after every evening I have never regretted going. Before I started serving in Evening Kids I volunteered in CityHill Kids, Funkytown, every Sunday morning working behind the sound desk. I did this for 2 years but it did not offer me the wonderful experience I get to have with the Evening Kids. There is one very good reason as to why I come back on a Sunday evening to serve: when I leave to go home, I feel like I am fulfilling part of my journey with God.

My faith has grown by watching the kids grow. Seeing them grow in faith has made me realise how important God is in our lives and how we need Him with us every day. I highly recommend helping out in Kids Ministry, to bring children closer to God and themselves, whether you yourself feel close to God or not. I guarantee you will feel the joy of God every Sunday night, as I do, by serving in Evening Kids. The last time that I served I was fortunate enough to lead a prayer in which four children gave their lives to God. It was such a privilege for me. If you want to witness something this great, I encourage you to join Evening Kids and help these kids grow in their walk with the Lord.”

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