At the beginning of the Transformed Series, my prayer was that it would transform each member of my family individually and that it would transform us as a family. I prayed as I went into the sessions. I was expectant of what God was going to do and each time I went I said, ‘’Lord, as I come to You today I am expectant of what You are going to do today, of changes that are going to take place, of transformation that is going to take place.’’ Meanwhile, little did I know the transformation that was going to take place.

Week two was physical transformation. My youngest daughter, Brittany, came with me that evening. After the service, she was obedient to God’s call for her to go up and receive ministry. Graham and his lovely wife were available and she explained her request for healing that she wanted to receive. Brittany had one leg longer than the other, causing her quite a number of difficulties. As a result, her body was out of alignment, causing knee problems, curvature of the spine resulting in lower back pain and hip problems. Having this condition also resulted in her body being ‘’skew’’ and interfered with normal muscle and ligament development. Her ‘’normal’’ or preferred way to stand was to bend the longer leg, so as to level her hips so the body felt and looked straight.

Graham and his wife were the vessels that God had chosen, and as they prayed, the Spirit immediately came upon Brit. She was overcome with emotion and although she didn’t feel anything physically happening, the Spirit was intense and we all experienced that. Graham anointed her with oil and continued to pray. At this stage her tears of emotion were flowing as were mine as we felt God’s power and love flow over her.

After some time, Graham asked her to stand up. She sobbed openly as she stood. Asking her what she was feeling she replied, ‘’It is different”. Taking time to adjust and process what had happened, she said it felt strange to stand normally as she wasn’t used to it but when she bent her leg as she usually does that didn’t feel right either. Looking at her legs, I confirmed that her knees were the same height now which they weren’t before. Her legs were now the same and our Mighty and Powerful Father had indeed, chosen that moment to heal His precious child. Driving home in silence and awe of what had taken place, I gave thanks to the Lord for what He had done and for the transformation that had taken place, in a way that I had never expected.
Many years prior to this, during times that I had had the privilege of praying for people with a team of leaders in our church for healing and deliverance, I have always had a fascination and hunger to experience and witness this physical healing, praying and asking God for me to witness such. Having witnessed so many counts of God’s work, I had never witnessed an actual physical healing like that. I felt that it was a double blessing as not only was it my child who was healed, but God has also answered my desire to witness such a thing, many years after I had asked – and what could be closer than in my own child. I am so incredibly privileged. God’s timing is always perfect.

A few weeks later I took her to her biokineticist who confirmed Brittany’s healing. He was overwhelmed with his findings and, being a strong and committed Christian himself, overjoyed to share in this testimony of God’s perfect healing over Brit.

All Glory to God our Saviour, whose Power and Authority reigns, whose Mercy endures forever and ever, Amen. Thank you Jesus for all you have done for us, for by Your stripes we are healed.

I initially assessed Brittany on the 25 July 2014 and the following was noted:
Marked convex curve of her thoraco-lumbar spine to the right.
Left hip higher than the right.
Left leg length measured at 95cm.
Right leg measured as 92cm.

Brittany came in for a follow-up assessment on 2 March 2017. There were some very marked changes that had occurred:
The convex curve of her spine to the right was no longer visible, with good muscle development on the left of her spine.
Hip alignment was level.
Left leg length measured 96cm (so she had grown) and her right leg length was 95cm (had grown 3cm!) (Most people will have some small discrepancy in leg lengths and 1cm is normally nothing to be too concerned about.)

She had no pain in her back, hips or knee any more. It was only after having completed the assessment that I was told of the healing prayer and I can testify that this has been a miraculous healing. Thanks Lord for still doing miracles!

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