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I first met Tammy in a job interview. She was applying to be my assistant, and she told me in that interview that she and her husband, Mike, were trying to start a family. They were hoping to start their second round of fertility treatment that year, after trying for about two years before we met to have a child.

Tammy took the job as my assistant, and I have been watching her journey unfold each day as she and Mike struggled to fall pregnant. A few years into this journey, Tammy felt called to start sharing her story (warts and all) through a blog. Although she had not reached the end of her road, she felt God leading her to share her story online and through her social networks.

At first, she received a lot of encouragement through comments on her blogs and Facebook, and her blog posts were even republished by a prominent online Christian Magazine.

However, this blog has been a challenge for her to write. She has had to organize her thoughts, be honest about her feelings and somehow in the process, still hold onto her desire to be a mother. She has had to put her dream out in the open for the world to see, she has had to acknowledge and share pain in front of others, and she has had to find hope and share it, even when she wasn’t always sure where it came from.

It has not been easy. There were times when she sought a little privacy, starting her blog on the 12th February 2015 with “Sorry I’ve been so quiet this year, Mike and I wanted to do our next IVF a little more “undercover” this time. We started injections and the whole process in mid-January…”

As I have sat on the sidelines of her story, I have been caught up in deep emotion as each IVF attempt failed. We all prayed our hearts out and still nothing. Until 2016. After writing in November 2015, an article titled “IVF #4 – Is it time to walk away?”, Tammy announced to close family and friends that she and Mike were pregnant, without IVF.

This news is yet to hit Tammy’s blog, but it will soon, and the world will hear about her journey; the tough times, the good times and the moments when God was clearly visible, and the times He seemed so far away. It’s a real story, a good story and one that will be an encouragement to many today and in the future.

Tammy’s bravery in telling her story has meant that amid a social media diatribe of selfies, hashtags and viral videos, there is a story of God’s grace. A real story about walking the tough times with a Saviour who is ever faithful and ever true.

The chances are good that when you woke up this morning, you leaned over and reached out for your phone to catch up on life while you were sleeping. It’s a common ritual for many people today. In fact, there are some people who even see checking social media as part of their morning routine – like drinking coffee or having a shower.

There is something enticing about checking into our Facebook, Twitter or Instagram accounts. It’s weird because its technology and we feel guilty staring at yet another screen, but we are compelled by the stories that we may be missing out on.

Social media allows you to connect with people, to hear their stories and take part in their lives. At the very least we can watch stories unfold from the sidelines and most often these stories shape our view of the world.

What’s more, we get to share our own story. Each blog update, social media post or instant message is the next line in our story of life and people are checking into social networks to catch up on that story, your story.

So I want to encourage you to take a page out of Tammy’s book. To share your story, to make it known that life is not always rosy, but that God is always King. There are moments in life where you need God’s grace more than anything else, that Jesus Christ has proven himself to you over and over again, that He is dependable, gracious, omnipotent and full of glory.

Tammy’s story is one of starting a family; mine is a story of grace poured out for a second chance in life. What’s your story? And how will you share it with the world?

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