Standing in the middle of Copenhagen Airport, the international buzz of languages, shopping preferences and looks of panic between boarding gates mop the dark wooden floors. Having invested in my first bluetooth headset, I position myself right in the middle, and start to play “Oceans” (Hillsong United). I become captivated in worship and the airport empties around me until I am the only person in the building…a fresh revelation of Christ’s grace washes over me. I am His!

#1 Fall in love with Jesus

Having chosen me before the earth was created (Eph1:4), and made me presentable to God by dying for me on the cross, Christ has fully substituted my old life with a new life in Him (Gal2:20), and the Holy Spirit now lives in me (Eph1:13) – I am alive and I am free! (Rom8:1).

Want to move closer to God? Fall in love with Jesus, to know the free gift of grace over your life (Eph2:8). [I encourage you to read the Bible chapters referenced in this article].

#2 Take Time In

Airports represent moments between one place/meeting/delivery and the next – a good place to ‘Take time in’. I encourage all believers to converse with God throughout the gaps in your day, that 5 minute wait before the children emerge from their final class; between meetings; in the car…the moments that link the busy bits within our day. Jesus Himself walked and talked with God all the time – it was His bread that sustained Him (John4:32-34) and we should follow His example (1John2:6). Like any relationship, to be closer to God is to speak to Him throughout the day. He has already made this commitment to you! (Lev26:12)

#3 Take Time Out

Borrowing another analogy from my airport stop, the rush of feet is accompanied with the rush of people’s minds – the thoughts, plans, excitement and worries, mostly about the future. James warns us against worrying about the future (James4:13-15). Yes, it is good to make plans (Prov29:18), but your foundations need to be right (Prov16). This step is about ‘taking time out’ to wait upon the Lord. I am emphasizing ‘wait’! Develop a new habit in your day to sit and wait…the proverbial cup of tea, a comfortable chair and… time – time to clear your mind of everything that’s buzzing. Settle your emotions and allow God to renew you (Isaiah40:30-31). Quiet places can be found anywhere, between your headphones in a busy airport or on a bench in your garden – quieten the mind so that God may refresh you and that you will be able to hear what He is saying to you.

#4 Read His Word

I boarded the plane and we took off to visit Mark and Rose, a church-plant in the UK, a 1 hour flight which felt like 3, and I wish it were 6! Still overcome by His grace, I felt prompted to read Paul’s letter to the Galatians…I read and I read, and familiar words shone off the pages as if I had never read them before – fresh revelation of what Jesus did for us. “Lord, may this plane never land!” Our closest relationships are often our most knowing relationships. Given 66 books in perfect harmony, you will discover that all scripture is God breathed (2Tim3:16), and will reveal God’s character and the love of Jesus. This habit of reading the Bible to move closer to God should live and grow in you every day. It is your life-manual: keep it close, hunt through its pages and always expect God to reveal Himself as you read it.

#5 Pray, Pray, Pray

All said and done, when have I felt closest to Him? In prayer…praying words I know, praying words I don’t know – just praying. We serve a God that laid the foundations of the earth (Job38), who is absolutely Holy (1Peter1:16) yet hears our every word (1John5:14) and our fervent prayers do not go unanswered (James 5:16-18). We may not always know what to pray, but don’t worry! The Holy Spirit intercedes for us (Rom8:26-27) and makes a heart and mind connection with our Lord. It is the closest relationship you will ever have!

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