I have often been asked over the last few years what it is that has driven us, and CityHill, to plant Churches and reach out to the edges of our city, and the answer is simple but with two parts to it.

One, we have stepped off the edge of being safe, suburban Churches to spreading ourselves rather thin at times into the various corners of our city, simply because God told us to do so.

The second reason, which is equally important, is that the love of Christ has called us out of our comfortable environments to the city precisely because His love demands such action. Lost people matter to God so they must matter to us.

Maybe the journey of CityHill together can in some way help you on your journey to the possibilities of what God has said to you. So let me try and unpack these two truths for you.

I have discovered that God’s prompting can, not only be ignored, but through consistent neglect the voice of the Holy Spirit grows rather dim in our lives. The ambient noise of our lives often drowns out the voice of God, which is why we must pay attention. So, in any endeavours we may undertake in our lives, let us be quick to listen and do what He says.

It is clear that the miraculous only becomes possible in an environment where we learn to step out in faith. So I suppose the question is, “What is God saying to you, or has said to you for a while now, that you need to respond to so that His voice remains strong and clear in your life?”

The second thought that will be applicable to your life is about motivation. All of us need motivation to respond and act. Sometimes that motivation is fear, or just the desire to have your needs met, but the desire that I want to focus on here is ‘love’ – fierce, powerful love.

Paul says in 2 Corinthians 5:14, “For the love of Christ controls us, because we have concluded this: that one has died for all, therefore all have died.” In another version it says ‘constrains’; a powerful picture of what is motivating Paul.

If your house was on fire and a child was stuck inside the reality is that you would do everything you could to save that child, including sacrificing yourself in the process. That reminds me of the Father’s love for us.

Your motivation is important – it either gives you energy for your task or it takes it away. You could always view it as a plus and minus column. You will struggle doing anything of value if you have too many minuses in the columns of your life. Minuses would be things like fear, pressure, and excessive stress.

So, to your endeavours, may you see God’s blessing on them as we have seen here in CityHill.

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