Some two months ago, I was diagnosed with kidney stones. I was admitted to hospital, went for CT scans and straight into theatre to have the stones lasered.

That afternoon the doctor informed me that he could not laser the stones as there were too many, and due to inflammation in my kidney, had to insert a stent. He then told me that I would have the stent for two weeks in order for the small stones to pass through and that after the two weeks he would laser the remaining stones.

Two days later, I was released from the hospital and went home with the stent, still with kidney stones and inflammation in my kidney. The pain was so unbearable that I could hardly walk.

The first Sunday thereafter, I got up, and it felt as if a train had run over me. I told the devil that I had enough of his lies and that he was not going to steal my health. I was going to church, and God was going to heal me!

At church, two of our church members, Sheltin and Tiffany, asked me what was wrong, and I told them that I had kidney stones and that I was in a lot of pain. Sheltin then asked me whether they could pray for me. I agreed. Tiffany laid her hands on me and prayed for the pain to go away, the stones to be dissolved and for complete healing. Afterwards, Sheltin asked me whether I still had pain, and I said yes. He then said, “we are going to pray again.” He prayed for the pain to go away, the stones to be dissolved and for complete healing. Again, he asked me if I still felt any pain. And I said yes. But I believed that after the service, I would be healed.

During praise and worship, I thanked God for my healing the whole time, and they called people to the front who needed prayer for healing, and I kept on thanking God for my healing. I had read Kenneth Copeland’s 101 scriptures on healing and was reminded that in Romans 10:17, God says that “Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God”.

God healed me during that service. I no longer had pain, and I knew that the stones were gone.
Wednesday that week I went for my checkup and to book my procedure. I asked the urologist whether he could remove the stent the same day, but he was fully booked for the day and could only perform the procedure the next Monday.

On the Monday before I went into the theatre, the urologist explained again that he was going to remove the existing stent, put in a new stent and then laser the stones. This would mean that I would have the stent for another two weeks in order for the stones to pass through. But I knew, and remained faithful, that he was only going to remove the stent because God had already healed me from the stones.

Late that afternoon when the doctor came to see me, he told the nurse that he was going to keep me for the night for observation and that I could go home the next day, as he had removed the stent and that there were no stones to laser!

I knew that I was healed because of the word God has spoken about my healing in Jeremiah 30:17: “‘But I will restore you to health and heal your wounds,’ declares the Lord.”
God promises in His word, and His promises are yes and amen! God wants His power to work in our lives – every day – in our workplace, relationships, marriages and finances. We just need to trust Him and have faith in Him.

If you want to experience the true power of our Living God, have faith, believe and read the word of God. God bless!

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