All of us are inspired by stories of incredible men and women who courageously work to improve the lives of others. For those who actively serve others, whether it be in our local community or church, we live on passion and purpose … it is our greatest motivating factor. Making a difference is what keeps us going and going and going…

Having run a Non-Profit Organisation and watched others who work in NPOs serve in their local community or their church outreach projects, I very soon realised that in order to give out like we desire to, we need to Top Up to Give Out. For some reason though, most people I have spoken to about this feel bad when they take time to top up when they feel that they should be helping others . . . This type of thinking will undermine your love for what you do and steal the joy you feel toward the project or area of service you are involved in. Think about those you serve and do it for them! They need you strong, courageous, full of ideas and full of energy. You owe it to them to look after yourself.

Here are four key things that you may find helpful to perform optimally in your purpose. If you do these things, you will offer those you serve the best of yourself.

Your body is your vehicle for your purpose. Exercise is key to having the physical energy needed for your purpose. The oxygen you receive during exercise is critical for your brain and body to work well. Exercise removes stress toxins from your body. Exercise must be regular, practical and enjoyable.

The right food is fuel for your day. How well would the vehicle you drive function with the wrong fuel or no fuel at all? Your body is exactly the same. All it takes is discipline to plan the right food every day, and you will be less likely to top up on the wrong ‘fuel’ or even worse, skip vital meals that your body needs for it to function well.

Your body is 70% water. We need approximately 2 litres of water a day for our body to operate well. It is a big ask for some of you reading this article, I understand. Get a 2-litre water bottle and start slow – even if it is an extra glass a day!

Sleep is vital to optimal performance. Did you know that your brain only cleans itself when you sleep? You need to get enough sleep for your body to operate at 100% performance. If your body is strong, you can serve others better.

Our relationships make us feel supported and encouraged. Spend time with your loved ones. Remember that charity starts at home. We often spend so much time serving others and don’t always focus on intentionally spending time investing in the relationships closest to us.

Gary Chapman’s Love Languages is such a great tool to apply to all of your relationships. Top up the love and appreciation tank in those you love by understanding their love language and showing them love and appreciation in their language, not yours as they won’t necessarily understand your language. This alone will transform your relationships!

Make sure you have a daily, meaningful connection with your loved ones. In my experience, I have found that we can take on the world when our relationships are going well.

Enjoy life to the full. This may go against everything you have ever thought, but I have found that high-performance people need more regular breakaway moments. Make regular ‘breather moments’ a priority if you want to give the best of yourself to the community, church outreach project or organisation you serve.

Do something special every weekend. Become a tourist in your own town! It doesn’t have to be extravagant; it could be a simple picnic at the beach.

Take time away. My best advice, from personal experience, is to book your weekends away and holidays at the beginning of the year, and here is the key: pay your deposits at the same time so that you are less likely to cancel the time away. So what if it is a basic weekend away that is booked on a budget. Whether you can do an extravagant time away or prefer to go for budget holidays, it really doesn’t matter, just be sure to get enough of them and enjoy every minute to the full!

Your faith and sense of calling is often the driving factor for what you do. It is vital to connect with the Giver, who not only gave you your gift to help others but who ignites you physically, emotionally and spiritually. He will infuse you with wisdom for every situation, ideas for every new need and unending passion for your calling. He is the Miracle Worker, Master of the impossible, and Provider of every need. Who better to consult with, lean on and rely on as you navigate your way through your calling and service to others? He thinks BIG – that is the only way He can think . . . He will do big things through you! Life is exciting when you tap into His thoughts for you and your project. Remember, He is more concerned about your relationship with Him. He wants you doing things WITH Him, not just FOR Him. Be careful of doing so much that you forget about Him in the process . . . As you connect with Him, He will fill you with everything you need for what you do.

As you top-up, you will find that you have an endless burning passion, supernatural wisdom, unending physical energy and extraordinary courage to continuously give of your best to impact the lives of others in the community and church that you serve.

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