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Psalm 139:13-14 You alone created my inner being. You knitted me together inside my mother. I will give thanks to you because I have been so amazingly and miraculously made. Your works are miraculous, and my soul is fully aware of this.

Somewhere inside each of us, we have a sense of our uniqueness. We carry the hope that we have a special destiny in this world that has been set out and established by God. However, we sometimes have difficulty believing in our uniqueness and its value. We so often hear the message that our gifting is special but as we compare our humdrum life to the successful lives of our friends and colleagues, we are left wondering if we really are one-of-a-kind or, if you are like me, you would like your specialness to be a little different – basically upgraded.

We read Psalm 139 which says that we are “amazingly and miraculously” made. We look around us and we see people with incredible gifts who are able to charm an audience, rise effortlessly in the ranks of industry or impact their communities in special and significant ways. We see people leading “perfect lives” and wonder why our “ amazingly and miraculously made” lives do not measure up. We look for answers, search for meaning and wonder if God has our number.

Society has established the expectation of what a perfect life should be. So often we measure our success by an arbitrary standard which the world has created. Our sense of self-worth and meaning has become established in the world’s system which measures and focuses on success; nice car, nice house, nice spouse; and implies that significance is achieved through success. The implication is that if you are not successful you cannot be significant, and if you cannot be significant then what role could you possibly play in God’s greater plan?

Yet Psalm 139 does confirm that each of us is special and that we are indeed “amazingly and miraculously made” and that God has designed each of us to play a specific role in His eternal plan. This is incredibly exciting and humbling. My experience as a coach, working with people, is that we are so absorbed by what we are not, that we lose sight of what we are and who we are. I work with leaders every day who constantly request that each individual in their teams bring who they are to the table, as it is their own uniqueness that adds the true value to the team. If two people are the same then one of them is not necessary for the team. God has made it clear that each of us is made with a special plan and purpose in mind and because of that we are ALL needed to achieve His perfect plan.   God is excited about how He has made you and the role He created you to play.

Some of the most valuable work I do as a coach is to help people understand their personality type or strengths. [Romans 12: 6:-8 confirms that we are individually gifted]. Often because we are good at something we assume everyone has this strength, but this is seldom true. What we are good at is unique to us and other people may struggle in the area of our strength.   I may be great at seeing the big picture and identifying a clear path forward, but not everyone can do that. I may be great at being of service to others and helping them in a time of need, but not everyone is good at that. I may enjoy entertaining people and making them feel comfortable in my presence, but not everyone is good at that. I may find it easy to organise events putting timelines in place and making sure that logistics run smoothly, but not everyone is good at that. So we need to appreciate in ourselves our God-given gifting.

When we operate outside of our strengths it is like a right-handed person writing with their left hand, we can do it but it is messy and takes a lot of effort. When we operate in our area of strength our contribution seems effortless, we enjoy what we do and we know we are working in the “amazing and miraculous” area that God intended for us.

These are some resources you can use to explore your area of strength.

Romans 12 gifting [free]:-


Strengths finder [will cost you $15]:-

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