Have you ever found yourself so engaged in worship, with your eyes tightly closed, hands up in the air and your heart singing with all your might, that you completely forgot about the room full of people around you?

You are not alone!

For most Christians, worship is thought of as a very personal way of pursuing and connecting with God.

“God is spirit, and those who worship Him must worship in spirit and truth.” (John 4:24)

Recently we attended the Bethel concert at CityHill Church, Hillcrest, with our two sons. As we walked through the car park afterward, our eldest son, Ethan, turned to us and declared, “My life has been forever changed! After tonight I am a changed man!”

Even at 10 years of age, the hour he spent with his hands raised in pure abandoned worship left an indelible impression on his young soul. In his own understanding of truth, and by the power of the Spirit, he had connected with God in a very personal and powerful way!

What makes you come alive in worship? In what ways does He move and speak to you? And, more importantly, how do these encounters breathe life into the mundane routine of our everyday lives?

God’s Spirit consistently invites us into His presence, He never tires of calling us to worship, both corporately and in the secret place.

In a Life Group meeting, the idea of worshipping together in such a small and intimate setting sounds both intimidating and awkward, but because we believe worship is such an integral part of the fibre of a Christian’s life, we have upheld it as a pillar value in our Life Group, and have been rewarded by some of the sweetest times of ministry as the presence of the Holy Spirit has filled our lounge.

But worship is not an event we should approach as something we turn on and off. It is a way of life that we, as Christ-followers, whose lives have been re-calibrated to fall in line with God’s preferred plan and purpose for us, choose to live.

The question you may ask is, “Do I have to sing to truly come alive as a Christian?” To come alive means to be filled with hope, joy, contentment and thankfulness for what the Lord has done in our lives and for what He has given us to do.

Surely every time we have an opportunity to give; of our time, our finances, our love; to show random acts of kindness and generosity; to react out of love rather than offense, to show patience rather than annoyance; we are extending our worship by these actions.

It is to recognise that whether or not our circumstances reflect what our hearts truly desire, or what we know we are called to spend our time doing, everyday is an opportunity to feel totally alive in worship to God.

And when our lives are calibrated using those guidelines, we discover that the mundane seasons of life truly do matter…after all, they weave purpose and destiny into the tapestry of our ultimate calling: a life spent out of the overflow of worship!

Do you desire to host an increased awareness of God’s presence? Luckily it’s easier than you might think! Whatever you may be doing, simply pause and turn your affection to Christ. Think about how incredibly good He is, and allow thankfulness to well up on the inside of your heart.

Can you feel it?

God desires intimacy with you, even more than you do, and is always ready to reveal Himself to you as you press into His heart. You never know, next time you’re in Church and the worship band starts up, you may even find yourself singing along!

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