I am a fully-fledged born-again DREAMER! Dreaming started in my life at the age of 8 years at a boarding school in Middelburg, Mpumalanga. The event is as clear to me today as it was then.

It was on a Sunday afternoon, sitting on my own under an oak tree in the grounds of the boarding school. I was homesick, lonely, trying to figure out what life had in store for me. I was dejected and angry. Why would my parents do this to me? Did they really love me if they put me into this predicament? Why me?!

In my loneliness and sorrowful attitude, I took time out to consider what we had learnt at Sunday school that morning. It was about Joseph, the dreamer (Genesis 37:5). Joseph experienced two strategic events:

  • He started a life of dreaming and interpretation
  • He became mindful of who he shared his dreams with

That day, I boldly asked God to help me become a dreamer (BIG DREAMS!) and our faithful God helped me to dream;
• and become an international sportsman

• Succeed BIG TIME in business

Wow! Crazy! Potentially impossible!

To share my ongoing dreams with anybody would have been crazy. There was nothing that I had achieved in my 8 years on planet earth that could have supported these dreams. But God knew something that I didn’t know.

What about you? God knows you better than you know yourself. Your potential, hidden gifts, talents; your guts, passions, and desires. He is an all-knowing God. Trust Him!

As time went by I started practising, living out and believing my new found gift, talents and confidence. I believed and trusted God, that He could achieve His inspired dream for me. And many dreams followed, as did success.

One particular highlight was teaching and demonstrating dreaming at two children’s homes in Durban and Hibberdene. Our goal was to encourage all the children and staff to dream the impossible dream.

We were criticized and mocked as all these children came from broken homes and were severely neglected. God worked and so did we. When men work, they work. When men pray, God works!

These past seasons we have ministered into business groups, community meetings, farmers, sports persons, and government, and have encouraged them all to dream big and to think big.

On the 14th of November, at the KZN senior golfers annual dinner held at the Durban Club, we spoke on the same subject – dreaming big.

Here are some guidelines to help you dream big:

  • Ask God to inspire you to dream big. Pray sincerely.
  • Believe that God can trust you to dream big.
  • Always have a notebook nearby to record your dreams.
  • God may only reveal part of a dream. Be patient and have an expectation for ‘chapter 2’.
  • Practise and rehearse where necessary – I did not become involved in international sport and business success overnight!
  • At the right time, share your dreams with people God directs you to.

Caution: Avoid being like Joseph and sharing your dreams with the wrong people (Genesis 37: 10-11, 19-20).

Finally, you are potentially the very best that God can use to bring about His plans and purpose for your life, family, community and our beloved nation, South Africa.


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