“The worst moment for an atheist comes when he is really thankful and has no one to thank!” Unknown

O the joy of knowing Whom to thank!

If there was something the Israelites knew how to do well, it was to “give thanks”! In fact, in the Old Testament, gratitude was the only condition in which life could truly be enjoyed. For them, every aspect of life held within it an opportunity to express thankfulness to God. They shouted their thanks, they wrote songs, played instruments, they sang and clapped and danced. They held feasts and festivals of remembrance where they could pour out their thanksgiving to the God of Israel – the Faithful One.

Today, the people of God seem to be far more conservative in their expression of thanks. Instead of a colourful celebration from grateful hearts, it may at times look more like an act of politeness. Surely as we begin to remember, as we slow our lives down long enough to reflect, it will dawn on us afresh that grace and gratitude are inseparable. If one can be truly thankful for that which one does not deserve, than we should be a people given to outrageous thanksgiving!

So, as we glance back at this year, let us look with eyes that see all we have, and not be perpetually mindful of what we lack… and let us shout, clap and dance! With hearts that treasure the Giver, let us sing songs of deep gratitude for the gift of grace! With our hands lifted as an act of praise to the One whose hand is always reaching out to us, let us erupt in thanksgiving to our God- unable to keep it quiet – grateful lives finding a way to express themselves!

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