At times we are reminded of how ordinary we really are… is that a bad thing?

Absolutely not, it’s just that the ordinary speaks of my inability to tap into the supernatural realm of God. I’m disappointed by this ‘ordinary-ness’ when I lean into my old nature which at times seems to be way too close to the surface. Getting angry for no reason, or being frustrated at other people’s lack of urgency. These reminders seem to happen to me daily. When I look at the scriptures, the miraculous lives of the Apostles in the book of Acts seem so effortless. Peter and John out for a walk to a prayer meeting and a beggar asks for money. Their response is, ‘sorry buddy but we are all out’ and then the very natural response takes me by surprise every time I read the passage, ‘but what we do have….’here it is’ the power of God is released and a man who has been lame from birth walks for the first time. As I look at the work of CityHill in our city, I see similar exciting signs of the supernatural workings of God. God taking very ordinary people and doing something extraordinary with them. Though reminded daily of our naturalness, I think we need to embrace the idea that God wants to add His super to our natural that all of us could potentially live these extraordinary lives in our city. Perhaps we can learn some lessons out of the lives of the men and women who are presently leading Churches across the city. The first would undoubtedly be hearing God. Though this doesn’t have to be spectacular, nothing ‘super’ happens without God. So your life must have a sense of the word of God directing you. Someone recently said, “If you want to hear God’s voice, then sit down and read the scripture out loud.” We need to be ruthless about saying “yes” when God is speaking. Each time we do, our minds become a little more receptive to hearing Him.
The second thing that sets people apart from ‘normal’ is doing! Action is a non-negotiable if you want to accomplish anything for God in your life. Most dreams and good ideas never see the light of day, not because they are no good, but because they remain just ideas. There would be no Churches planted in our city if someone hadn’t gotten uncomfortable and stepped out in faith. Like Joseph in the Old Testament; it wasn’t his dream that made him prime minister of Egypt, but his economic plan for dealing with both the good and lean years. The third big lesson is perseverance. Karen and I recently had the privilege of hanging out with Mark and Rose in Leicester, who by the way are very much part of this Apostolic family. We are amazed every time at their tenacity and ability to ‘hang in there’ with their whole family, even when things don’t look like they are moving forward. They are now experiencing much of what they have believed for over the years, but they are only living in it now because they hung in there through some very tough times. We cannot be consumed by the business of ordinary living. We get blinded to the possibilities of the supernatural all around us. It’s in paying attention to what God is saying each day that we embrace the extraordinary life that will transform our families and Churches.

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