A pastor of a local church in Pietermaritzburg was running an evangelistic crusade and asked me to come and preach on one of the evenings. I informed the pastor that I believed God would do many miracles that night. Unbeknown to me was the fact that his tent was very near Edendale hospital which of course prompted the pastor to encourage all and sundry to come that night, especially those in the hospital. When I arrived that evening the tent was full of people with all kinds of illnesses as well as cripples and some folk literally dying. After preaching the Gospel and proclaiming that God was a miracle working God, I made a call for those who wished to be healed. Folk poured up to the front, some being pushed in wheelbarrows, so ill were they. As I started to move down the line God started to do what He had said He would do and one after the other the people experienced miracles. Many of those that had been cripples now ran around the tent, deaf people could now hear and a dying man climbed out of the wheel barrow whole in his body. Now came an amazing expression of real faith. An elderly lady was next in the queue for prayer. I asked what she wanted prayer for and she pointed to a huge lump (at least the size of a sweet melon) on the side of her body and asked that I would pray for her healing as this lump she said was progressively killing her. As I was about to pray for her, I noticed she had typical Zionist fetishes about her neck and arms. I said to her, ” Sister after I have prayed for everyone I am going to call up those who want to give their life to Jesus, I am trusting that you will give up your fetishes and leave your ancestral worship and start to follow Jesus as your God.” Her response was immediate, “Not at all will I do that, I will continue to worship my ancestors” “Who, then, do you think is going to heal you tonight?” I asked her. Again without any hesitation she replied, “Jesus of course, I can see what He is doing for all these people.” I prayed for her in Jesus Name and immediately the lump vanished. A true miracle. She returned to her seat and when I finally made the call for salvation a half an hour later, she stayed resolutely sitting whilst everyone else in the tent came forward to receive the Lord. In spite of her reluctance to worship the true God, He still honoured her faith. Real faith ignites real miracles.

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