My friend David thought I was crazy for deciding to return with our sick and feeble one-year old daughter to the remote village where we were serving as missionaries. But after her two weeks of hospitalisation with very little improvement, I had felt God’s leading to return to the village and that she would be healed.

I am used to this kind of reaction among those who care for us, towards the choices we have had to make in our bid to follow the call of God to take the Gospel to those who have never heard. I remember the reaction of another dear friend, Masel, in February 1995 when we had resigned our jobs and relocated to the CAPRO School of Missions (SOM) to get trained and begin our missionary service. You see, when we came to understand the fact that there were still millions of souls among several ethnolinguistic groups in the world who were yet to be given an opportunity to hear the Gospel, we had asked God what He wanted us to do and we felt Him leading us to go. Masel had watched us uproot ourselves and even volunteered to drive us down to the SOM. But he wept as he said goodbye to us. He told us of his fear for all we were leaving behind and how we were going to cope in this life of faith.

We have had to uproot ourselves as a family several times in the 20 years since then. We have served among several ethnic groups in different countries and among Muslims (and still coordinate work among them). We have faced hardships, dangers and death but we have flourished. Naturally we all gravitate to a place of comfort and security. But we have learnt that we will never be all God meant us to be until we are where God has called us to be. Our passion is to fulfill God’s call on our lives.

And He that calls us is faithful. That feeble daughter we returned to the village with got well, like God said. In fact she went on to be the healthiest of all our children. When we step out in obedience upon the waters, we will find God enabling us to walk. To some it may seem like madness to obey God in this way but we know that this is a reasonable ‘madness’.

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