There’s no greater therapy for the human soul than to help another.

There is one God who is Father of all people. Not only is God above all others, but He works by using all of us and He lives in all of us. Ephesians 4:6

I’m sure, like me, you wish this world was a better place. I’d rather not see or know about the poverty vortex which brings with it every other kind of evil. God, however, has not put us here at this point in time to simply have a great life with all the trimmings. He has a purpose for each one to fulfill, which invariably involves discomfort. To Restore, Rebuild and Renovate calls for action and commitment.

Can you imagine what it would be like to grow up not being able to read or write? Sadly there are a vast number of people living on our doorsteps who do. Some have even attended schools, but experienced a sub-standard education and had no positive role models. No wonder the unemployment rate is so high!

The World Health Organisation states that ‘investment in early childhood is the most powerful investment a country can make, with returns over the lifetime many times the amount of the original investment’.

Nation Changers focuses on education. What we do for children will, in turn, positively impact their children and so change future generations.

Dedicated, compassionate volunteers led by Rachel Saunders teach phonics and reading once a week at the Abambo Primary School, one of the most impoverished in Embo. Pam Maynard, who has volunteered for years, says: “I remember driving into Abambo School for the first time and being struck by the abject poverty and lack. Then the little faces – unsure of these ‘mlungus’ (white people). And now, when we walk in the door, we see expectant sparkly eyes full of love. There’s joy on their little faces when they “get it” and can respond with confidence to a question. What a privilege it is to sow into these precious children’s lives and know that because of Neema they will be able to read one day and take a positive place in society.”

Maggie Smith is uplifted by her involvement – “We do it for the love of children. Just that smile when they get something right is reward enough. They have so little yet always have a smile on their faces. You can’t be sad around these children.”

The Neema Foundation is a non-profit organisation started by Kloof Baptist Church. Without being able to read English, learning in every other area is very limited. Education is fundamental to the growth of both our community and our country. Former finance minister Trevor Manuel said research shows approximately 60% of pupils have not learnt to read meaningfully in any language by the end of Grade 3.

The Neema Programme has been adopted as amazing results are seen countrywide. This programme is easily followed by volunteers after a short training period. We have qualified teachers, but volunteers need no qualification other than a desire to have fun and bless children.

Please consider joining our team who meet at CityHill and travel just a few kilometres to the school. Experience the jubilance as all 140 children gather in their little hall for catchy praise choruses and a Bible message. The volunteers then teach the grade 1s to 4s in their classrooms. With a big enough team, individual children who are struggling can be taught one-on-one as well.

Vitally important is our admin team who support by preparing the teaching material in advance.

Be blessed to be a blessing. What a magnificent way to restore, rebuild and renovate our community!


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