Last year, as part of the “Chairs Tell Stories” campaign, we wrote the names of our sons down on the cards that were put under the stage – these were the names of the people we were trusting for to know Jesus Christ… William, Dewet, Chris and Henry. They were all baptized when they were in high school and attended all the services of the Jehovah’s Witness Organisation with us. But when they all eventually left home they went their own ways.

My greatest concern was that I had made a promise to God, which I felt at one stage that I had no control over. After each child of mine was born, I knelt by their little cribs and asked God to instill His love into their little hearts, and I promised God that I would guide and teach them His truths so that they would love and follow Jesus Christ all their lives.

Today we stand in awe of what God has done in our family. Our second eldest son, Dewet, and his wife, Filomena, came to visit us from Portugal and attended CityHill in Hillcrest with us on Christmas day. Our children’s hearts were changed by the amazing message that was preached, and they committed their lives to Jesus Christ during that week. That was the first church service they had attended since leaving the Jehovah’s Witness organisation, many years ago. Seven years ago, when they heard that we left the Jehovah’s Witness Organisation and joined CityHill, Church Ron’s miraculous healing, their hearts were stirred but they felt lost and sadly could never find a home like CityHill. We just prayed constantly and trusted God that He would bring our children back to Him.

We stand in absolute awe, of how their lives changed in front of our eyes once Jesus Christ entered their hearts! The joy for them and for us, is just indescribable. Filomena, being a little pioneer in speaking to people, wrote to our third son, Chris (who lives in England), immediately on their arrival back in Portugal. Dewet has been speaking to William, our eldest, who lives in Dubai and Henry, our youngest who lives in Cape Town…

On Wednesday, the 26th of January at 10:00am, Henry, our youngest pulled off the road and stopped his car. He started crying bitterly and just there, in that moment, gave his heart to Jesus Christ! It reminds me of Paul on the road to Damascus. He phoned us with the wonderful news and asked if we could put him in touch with Terran Williams as he needed someone to talk to and to pray for him. Henry also humbly and sincerely apologised for all the worry and hurt he has caused us. He said that he has wasted too much time and wants to serve Jesus Christ wholeheartedly. Henry will be coming home soon and is looking forward to attending CityHill with us.

Ron and I have been on our knees, just thanking and praising Jesus Christ for this revival that is taking place in our family! It is just incredible what He has done in our family, since we wrote our four boys names on those cards that were placed under the stage! In the meantime we have been praying incessantly for them all. All our prayers are being answered! It is just so overwhelming!

Dewet and Filomena are now planning on permanently relocating back to South Africa soon. They have been listening to all the podcasts and they are singing our worship songs. They look forward to joining CityHill and cannot wait to get involved in serving.

In the meantime we are getting our house ready so that our children would feel welcome and be comfortable. We are literally experiencing more than a double portion of joy, as Chris, from England is also interested in coming with us to Cityhill when he visits us. William our eldest, in Dubai, is phoning home more than often… and he said, “Mom you will have to build onto your house, because, soon we will all be back home! One has to be careful what you pray for, you might just get it!“


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