It was a tough decision – the cost of responding to the call would literally require all of our cash reserves – however, we had faced this same situation so many times before – when responding to some of the larger disasters in the past such as the Syrian refugee crisis, the South African Xenophobia response, the Mozam- biquan floods and the Somalian famine – each time we literally had emptied our bank account to heed the call to respond, and each time God miraculously provided what we needed to continue with the work He has called us to do.

In this particular case we felt God had called us to provide 17 tons of Futurelife to the drought victims in Malawi. At the point of writing this article, we are perilously close to empty on cash, to continue our operations. But we stand in faith knowing that God will provide miraculously, as He has done so many times in the past!

And so off we set – five of us armed with Tabard spray and high expectations – on our Ethiopian Airlines flight to Blantyre, Malawi, to meet the City Logistics truck carrying the relief aid.

Well over 90% of Malawians are subsistence farmers, and so the drought that destroyed their crops meant that for countless families, starvation was unavoid- able…unless there was a miracle…

We spent the next few days loading the Futurelife onto smaller trucks, taking it through to rural commu- nities in the hardest hit drought areas.

Our message to the communities was simple: God cares about YOU so much, that he spoke to us about YOU in Durban, South Africa. God said to us, buy highly nutritious Futurelife, put it on a truck and send it up to this community in Malawi. Do this because I love them. Go tell them that I love them! This is the miracle that Jesus has done for you!

We witnessed first-hand how thousands of men, woman and children were spared death by starvation. What a privilege, that God would choose us to be the hands of this incredible miracle!

Our aim was to give one thousand families enough food to sustain them until the harvest of their crop in March 2017. They would know that their maize crop would be ready to harvest by a white flower that blooms on the top of the maize plant. Jesus also spoke of this phenomenon when He told His disciples “The harvest is great but the workers are few.” (Luke 10:2). The harvest of souls in Malawi, South Africa, Africa and the world is ripe! Souls are ready to be harvested, but there is a critical shortage of workers willing to do the work! How about you? Will you be counted as one of His workers? Remember, we are one body with many parts, and each part has its function (1 Corinthians 12: 12-27). The Malawian relief effort had many components – planning, administration, logistics, communication, project management and prayer support. Without any of these components the relief effort could not have worked. Likewise, we are not all called to go to Malawi to lift 17 tons of Futurelife. Some had to plan, some had to coordinate, others had to administer, and raise the funds to buy the aid, and still others had to pray, to make the relief mission a success. The point is, no matter what your strength is, you are an important part of the body, and God wants you to help Him reap His harvest that is ripe!

I recall on day 2 of our mission, as we were unloading one of the bakkies, around 50 children lined up to help us unload the aid. What would have been a daunting and back-breaking task for a few of us, became a simple task that lasted less than 10 minutes, as the children formed a line and the boxes were passed from one to the next with fervor! The old saying “Many hands make light work” rang true in my mind. Each played their part!

17 tons of Futurelife sounds like a lot of food – and it is – however I could not help boarding my flight back to South Africa with mixed emotions. On the one hand, we had helped save thousands of precious lives and brought a message of hope and love to people who had lost all hope in the midst of a tragic natural disaster. On the other hand, the thousand families that we touched was just a drop in the ocean, as millions more have not been touched in the same way. Won’t you make a commitment today, to stand up and be counted as one of His workers. I guarantee you, it will change your life!

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