We are part of a collection of suburbs, affectionately known as ‘The Highway Area’. Every term (or quarter), we join our youth groups together for a night of worship and talk, with the hope that young lives will be transformed through the gospel! Even our youth leaders get together monthly to connect, share ideas and build one another up. So we are very fortunate 🙂

We pull in about 900 teens at these events and about 20 youth pastors at each monthly meeting. The youth evenings, AKA ‘Synergy’, are epic! In fact so epic that we mostly walk away feeling like “God was really glorified”. Teens worshipped, a really good speaker preached the gospel, people gave their lives to the Lord; EPIC! God was glorified! We are indeed fortunate!

Let me take a quick left turn… I promise I’ll brb (be right back).

I said we are fortunate… fortunate because I’m broken for communities and other suburbs that do not have what we have because I really think we have a good thing going. I’m also broken for the rest of the teenagers who are missing out, both in the highway area and other areas! I’m sure we have a lot more than 900 teenagers in our city! What is happening to the overwhelming number of those absent from our weekly meetings and Synergy evenings? As I’m writing this my church is hosting a Synergy evening in a month and I’m worried about those people who are going to miss out! “Work with what we have, focus and do your bit” is all very well, but I’m uncomfortable with that. I want everyone to experience what we have and do. I really believe that God is for everyone and anyone.

Okay I’m back 🙂 We are fortunate… youth leaders and young people in youth groups are working very hard to make sure God is glorified. I applaud that, I’m grateful for that and wait impatiently for the impact they are going to make! We do, however, have room for opportunity, and for potential to do more than we are currently doing. I’m really optimistic! There is a lot of opportunity to go far beyond our expectations. These youth groups, Synergy and youth pastor meetings can impact our city in a remarkable way.

Lately, in our youth group, I’ve sat with young people who are asking to start movements to clothe people, to start a foundation to feed a single dad with a small baby who doesn’t have anything, others have used their day off to come join our church’s “Nation Changers” programme and work in the garden just so some children at a crèche can have a place to play. And I feel like there’s more coming (yay for the work load).

In our city, there’s no doubt that something cool is brewing. It’s like watching somebody make coffee… carefully grinding the beans, filling the Moka Pot and waiting confidently as it brews. What you see and smell tells you that you are in for a great cup of coffee. Youth pastors in our city work hard to produce the best teenagers for the kingdom and their hard work is paying off. In chatting to a few of them (from CityHill Churches and others), I’m filled with excitement and confidence. From their weekly programs teenagers are being equipped, empowered and released. The Bible is preached, the gospel is shared, and lives are being transformed. SCAs, sports fields, families and communities are impacted. A lot of youth workers in our city give off a sense of confidence that great things are coming soon. They also give off a sense of excitement for strong leadership, outreach and service from the teenagers they lead. God is glorified, so there’s hope!

My prayer is that youth ministries across our city will keep glorifying God and maybe even seek to glorify Him more in everything they do. I pray that they represent the Kingdom of God in a remarkable way.

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