For many people a job merely amounts to something that has to be done in order to earn an income – money we need to survive.

However, we are saved for purpose! We must see our jobs with new eyes and have different expectations in our hearts.

God provides us with our work and gives us the skills to do it. We are called to have a Christ-like influence. Our view of our work and circumstances will determine how we respond in situations, and this will determine how we impact others around us.

Work life is now an opportunity to be salt and light for Christ and to glorify Him.

The work place can be a difficult area to adjust to once you have been given your heart to Jesus. Nothing externally has changed, but something has happened in your heart. People know stuff about you; how you behave and conduct yourself.

At the point of salvation we are not yet perfect – we begin the journey of becoming more like Jesus. We give ourselves to this process and let the Holy Spirit work in and through us.

As we fall more in love with Jesus, we begin to take a genuine interest in those we come into contact with. As a response to this love, employers endeavour to exercise fairness and respect toward their staff. The fruit of our transformed lives is that we now conduct our business with honesty and integrity, wholeheartedly, as if serving Christ. As Christians we get the opportunity to “stand in the gap” and pray for our bosses, their business and fellow colleagues, even if they don’t yet know Jesus.

Understanding that we are representatives of Christ motivates our attitudes at work so that we can effectively witness His love and grace.

Work is yet another area of our lives where God refines and moulds our heart and character to best glorify Him.

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