To the average Christian the encouragement to make personal worship a daily reality may pose a few problems! We hear that word “worship” and the picture it brings to mind, almost always, is the expression of worship we get to enjoy on a Sunday, in our corporate meetings.

And if we are really honest, we would have to admit that we have become so accustomed to having these amazing aids in our worship, that to suddenly ‘fly solo’ is just a little too much to ask. We miss the high, harmonising notes of the flute, and the richness of the saxophone. Some of us feel the lack of a steady rhythm skillfully played on the drums, or a rasping electric guitar winding its way through a song. The piano, the bass, the violin and the strumming acoustic guitar… it’s just not the same without a worship band, or the emotion and unity that seems to come so naturally in times of corporate worship.

We’ve all heard the statement: “All of life is worship”. It’s true! John Piper says: “… whenever we display the worth of God by words or actions that flow from a spirit that treasures Him, we are worshipping…” The key to personal worship is to view it this way! Our attitude in doing the mundane and the adventurous can be worship! Our verbal responses to good news and bad news can be worship! The way we love our spouses and children, the way we deal with crazy days and lazy days, the way we choose to do all our living!

If your life were a song, how would it sound?

What moments would be sung with deep reverence or a tender, grateful heart? What kind of days would bring out an anthem of wonder, or a shout of victory? What would it take to turn it into a song of thumping praise?

Most people write songs because they want to tell a story. What kind of song is your life-story making?

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