Wow, how do you begin to summarise and convey a move of God over a nation! How do you, as a team that God in His grace allowed to play a part of His plan, convey the richness of His grace, the depths of His love, and the detailed level of His planning for the lives of the people of Madagascar. To cover everything is not possible, but hopefully I can talk to some of the themes of the trip, and my hope is that will stir your hearts to journey with God.

One theme that has wound its way through the entire trip, from before right through into the time after we arrived home, is the detailed nature, and incredibly forceful, voice of prophecy. The team had received, both directly from God and from the many people praying for us, words, dreams, pictures and scriptural prophetic input that was such an encouragement to us as we went. The Spirit then added to those while we were away. Adding detail, confirming words with scriptures that were in our reading plan, as well as with scripture that was preached and shared from people in Madagascar and back home. It is really amazing to know that God has the details of our lives planned well in advance, and sees fit to share them with us ahead of time.

One of the key words included a picture of multiple fires being started within Madagascar and then combining into one fire. This picture, and God’s tangible involvement in the completion of His prophecy, was another theme that came through during our time in Madagascar. We spent a lot of time fasting and prayer walking in the city… each time we prayed at what was a significant place the wind would increase notably. When we prayed at the Queen’s palace – which is an incredibly significant landmark in the city – the strength of the resultant wind was such that I expected that things would start to be damaged by it. As a team we saw this as God fanning into flame the tiny fires we had lit and blowing them across the city and the nation. This wind also occurred when the team were praying for successful healing of a church leader – again confirming God’s presence and His involvement in the fulfilment of prophecy. He deserves all praise and glory!

The third and final theme that I want to touch on, is the theme of the preparation of your life for the work that God has for you. For one of the team this is the fulfilment of a dream that was birthed in her life by a visiting missionary from Madagascar at the age of nine. God brought it to fulfilment, provided her the finances to go, and completed a work in and through her some decades later. For another, the times of door- to-door ministry was an opportunity to use her testimony – (walked over many years and much heartache. She met a lady of another culture and language, exactly at her point of need ,and brought her back into relationship with God. Nothing like ten years of preparation for an international moment in time that God had seen from all eternity! A moment that has changed the course of a life in this, and the next world. For yet another, a preach to a team of church leaders that commissioned his gift as a prophet. A gift to the church to call her back to the God that is jealous in His love for her, the God that desires a righteous and beautiful bride, the God that has gifted the church with another great tool towards that completed work.

Of the salvations, the joy that carried the team, the prayers over us and made by us, the God ordained meetings and the pushing back of the darkness that tries to engulf this nation, there are many more stories and I know any one of the team would love to share them with you. But I leave you with these two thoughts that were part of the rich prophetic I talked of above:

Isaiah 48 v 6 – “Is not this the fast that I choose: to loose the bonds of wickedness, to undo the straps of the yoke, to let the oppressed go free, and to break every yoke?” CityHill Church, God is calling us to fast in the spiritual sense and to be the hands and feet that He needs to fulfil this scripture in our nation, and the nations of the earth. We have tasted and seen a tiny portion of this during our time in Madagascar and I know we will never be the same again.

Matthew 9 v 37 Then he said to his disciples, “The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few; therefore pray earnestly to the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into his harvest.” We have been out into the harvest fields and come back with a harvest that is for His glory and our increase. The team are praying that God will call you to join the harvesters, and the joy of the harvest, in the days ahead.

With much love

Ross Miles (and the superb team Cassy Healey, Tessa Morris and Peter-James Nagel)