Why do we need to change the way we do things? If it ain’t broke, why fix it? We have always done things in a certain way – why change now? I like the way everything works now – I am happy with the status quo!

Isn’t it amazing how a single word can engender so much discussion and often-vehement opposition? Which word am I referring to, you may ask? It is none other than a small six-lettered word, “change”.

Have we ever stopped to think what our world would be like now, if it were not for the many pioneering advocates of change; those people who took the risk to step out of their comfort zones in order to make a difference – the car, the telephone, electricity, iPods – the list is endless.

Change requires us to embark on new adventures in unchartered territories – often bringing with it a nervous excitement in anticipation of things to come. It requires us to step out of our comfort zones and embrace new challenges with zest and vigour.

Change, more often than not, requires taking a step, or even a leap of faith. Many of the people on whom Jesus performed miracles had made conscious decisions to change their circumstances – the consequences of which were radical changes to their lives.

We often find ourselves in situations through which we are unable to see the light; wallowing in self-pity, and being totally self-absorbed. We are often unable to even contemplate change. Remember Hans Christian Andersen’s well-known tale about the ugly duckling, whose life was changed, turning into a beautiful swan? What can we learn from this fable? Quite simply that change is a natural state and that by embracing it, we expose ourselves to possibilities and opportunities that we may never have known existed.

We tend to be creatures of habit, enjoying our comfort zones, not wanting to adventure into the unknown; we often miss the many exciting opportunities that present themselves to us daily, because we are set in our ways. We need to break free and live life – to learn a new language, to discover a new place or to make a conscious decision to have a positive impact on a different person everyday. These are all ways of inculcating a culture of change in our lives. Thinking outside of the box will help us to embrace a concept that is often approached with fear and trepidation.

Nature has a unique way of reminding us of the beauty of change. Anyone familiar with winter in the UK will know that the blooming of the cherry blossom tree and the sprouting of the white daffodils signal that the cold, grey winter has passed. The resplendent and vibrant new colours being a promise of the long, warm, bright summer ahead.

The most radical change that we can make is a commitment to following Jesus Christ. God has promised to renew our lives, to strengthen us, to forgive us our sins and to radically change our lives forever if we simply believe in Him and follow His ways.

Many of us are desperate for change but just too nervous to take that step of faith into the unknown. God promises to light our pathways wherever we may go – we just need to have faith in and trust in Him.

As we move forward, let us be encouraged to embrace change with excitement and adventure – being pioneers, “bravely going where no man has gone before”.

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