Without accountability we have no real relationships; without relationships we have no real life worth living.

It’s been a great privilege to have interacted in Ladies’ groups since I came to know our Lord thirty-one years ago. Many dangerous life paths have been averted because ladies have been accountable to God first and then to those who genuinely serve and bless others. A great richness fills our souls as a result. God’s intention was not that we lead isolated and independent lives. Life becomes dry and lonely when we are not nurturing and being nurtured in Godly relationships. True friendships are God-given and my heart aches for those who struggle to forge meaningful relationships.

I’ve seen many women’s lives changed as they allow their masks to drop in a group where they can trust others; who are themselves prepared to shake off their pride and become transparent. Once we can trust others, knowing that they can also trust us, we can be truly accountable and speak honestly into each other’s lives. This results in a Godly perspective and the Holy Spirit opens our eyes to blind spots in our families and our own minds. Without accountability we would continue life’s journey repeating the same mistakes, not having a clue why we land up in the same negative situation time and again. I ask myself, “Am I humble enough to allow my friend to point out destructive fault in my thinking or behavior? Am I allowing anyone to alert me to blind spots? Do I wear a mask to hide my faults and vulnerability?” We all see through tinted glasses, our perspectives having been skewed by many factors. My daily prayer is, “Please, Lord, give me Your perspective in every area of my life,” and Ps 51:10 “Create in me a clean heart filled with clean thoughts and right desires and renew a right spirit within me”.

Years back, God gave me a picture of a garment being hand-knitted. Each stitch is picked up individually and knitted in; each being vitally important to the finished work. If one is dropped, a hole results and the garment is ruined. Each person must be knitted into a group where they are accountable to other stitches that need to be knitted in. God creates a magnificent, functioning garment and together with Him, we pick up and knit in one life at a time.

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