Three hundred measly words to describe the greatest art the world has ever seen…

Man – hard, muscular, strong, hairy, stubble, deep voice, large, aggressive, confident, brave, up for a fight, protective, instinctive, driven, far-sighted, undaunted, objective, leader, single-minded, purposeful, wild but respectful, free but disciplined, tough but gentle, tender, compassionate, vulnerable, fragile, searching, restless…beautiful!

Woman – soft, silky, enticing, mysterious, shapely, curvaceous, distracting, kind, nurturing, gentle, compassionate, giving, enduring, adaptable, strong, changing, steely, capable, unexpected, sensitive, relational, instinctive, discerning, perceptive, helper, peacemaker, facilitator, confidant, friend, fruitful, waiting, longing, made to order…breathtaking!

Men and woman are walking works of art, multidimensional layers of design and artistry that require time and patience to fully appreciate. But God doesn’t stop there. He brings them together like two parts of a secret key and together they unlock a beauty that cannot be matched by anything ever seen. Marriage!

A woman’s body is designed for covenant. It’s a onetime offer. The two become one and from that day forward, whatever happens to the one will affect the other. Regardless of what transpires in their futures, they can never be completely separated. Like a wireless connection to the internet, the two are connected by God.

The man and the woman come together in an intimate relationship with God. Three of them. An unbreakable strand. It’s a place of freedom. They look into one another’s eyes and see everything. It’s a place of nakedness and extreme safety. It’s secret and delightful…no outsiders allowed. They give to each other what they give to no-one else and enjoy a community that swells their hearts to bursting. They are never again alone. They laugh and dream and give voice to their darkest thoughts. They retreat, recover and are restored. They grow and expand and discover themselves. They become fruitful, reproducing themselves and God. They peel back another layer. A whole unexplored world opens up. They know that somehow it’s only the beginning.

“Because God created this organic union of the two sexes, no one should desecrate His art by cutting them apart.”     Matthew 19:6 (The Message)

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