You might be saying %22I am New%22 what can I expect at CityHill Church? We are here to help you! Below you will find an outline of what happens on a Sunday Morning.


We want to personally welcome you to CityHill Church. CityHill Church aims to see people from all walks of life come to know the love of God. Whether you are new to the idea of church, or whether you have been attending church for a while, we want you to know that you are most welcome, and our hope is that you will find meaningful, authentic friendships here – while growing in your journey with God.



09h00 & 18h00


There are two entrances to the property, one on the Blessing Ninela Drive, and another on Greenmeadow Lane. The entrance on Greenmeadow Lane is the primary entrance. As 9AM approaches, the road can at times get a bit congested as people arrive for church. We have a great group of PARKING VOLUNTEERS who will help you navigate the parking area and show you where the best places are to park.

Please also note that we have designated parking areas for senior citizens, and families with small children (marked by yellow dots). The Parking Volunteers will be able to show you where to park


For those who make use of wheelchairs, we have “YELLOW DOT” reserved parking close to the building.


There are five entrances to the building

  1. The office block (located on the Greenmeadow Lane side)
  2. The Coffee Shop area (Also on the Greenmeadow Lane side of the bulding)
  3. The Front of Building entrance by the large fountain
  4. And two entrances on our CityHill Kids area – located on the Blessing Ninela Drive Side of the building

All entrances have friendly volunteers to greet you as you arrive.



We have a two of great programmes for Kids & Youth that run during the service.

Please take a look at each by clicking on the links below


CityHill Kids

CityHill Kids is our Children’s Church that exists to develop your child’s spiritual life. CityHill Kids is a safe and secure enviroment where they can meet new friends, have fun and learn about God in a relevant way. CityHill Kids runs during our morning meetings offering your child exciting worship and practical age-appropriate Bible-based ministry provided by our CityHill kids leaders and Life Coach team. During our evening meetings we offer a child care facility for children aged 1 – 6.



Shift is a fun, cool and relevant program that runs at the same time as the preaching slot during a Sunday morning service. The heart of Shift was to develop a creative way that would help this age group transition from kids Church to “big” church without losing any of them in the process.

The name SHIFT is a representative of “shifting” from being a boy and girl to becoming a young man and woman. We choose this name because we believe it is important that this age group understands that this is a season in their lives and there is an expectation to grow into the man and woman God has planned them to be.

Sundays, 09h30 – 10h15




Our services start with the church singing one song together, followed by a host releasing kids to go to CityHill Kids. Praise & Worship generally continues until about 09h30 after which the host will welcome everyone and share a couple of announcements.

Depending on the service, there may be baptisms or communion shared in this slot.

Up next is either Steve, or one of the other pastors who will share a message for the day.

The morning service is generally finished by 10:20 and evening services by 19:15


If you are a first time visitor, you will be invited to join us at our Meet & Greet Cafe, where you can enjoy a cup of coffee and cake hosted by some great volunteers whom you can get to know. This is a wonderful place to get to know new people and ask any questions you may have about the church.


Thank you for visiting, and we hope you will choose to make CityHill Church your home!

Want to know more about what we believe? Click here to view some frequently asked question.