When God Closes A Door

When we get a “NO” from God – when a door bangs closed – it’s often loud and shocking. We may have to cope with feelings of disbelief, disappointment and abandonment. “What will happen now?” “Did I hear from God?” “It all seemed so right.” At first, it is good to...


I’ll admit that I am an “i-freak”, I love the apps that I have on my iPhone, iPad and iPod. I have the Scourby Bible app which is narrated by a Shakespearian actor, I can find out what every star in the sky is called and I can learn to speak Italian with my “Italian for dummies” app. However, with the newer computers and technology, often these apps need to be updated to run better and to remove any glitches that exist in the systems. I remember the first computer I ever saw, it was big and awkward with a black screen and green block text. Technology and software has come so far that the old software systems, while necessary back then are now redundant. The newer software is built off the base of the old and results in more efficient, more useful and more effective operating systems.

An Open Door

Picture a person standing on the outside of a door - perhaps they ignore the door, or wait hesitantly on the threshold. Perhaps they question whether anything is on the other side, or insist that they cannot go through - no-one inside wants to hear from them. Or maybe...

When God Brings Laughter

It is very encouraging to read here that God ‘was gracious to Sarah’. Just think, it was the same Sarah who doubted and laughed, whom God now visited for good! Our God is gracious. In as much as He longs to see strong faith develop in us, He does not disown us when it becomes a struggle for us to keep on believing.


Yes, I am “the” Matthew from the bible. I had the most incredible privilege of walking with Jesus for those three years leading up to His crucifixion and resurrection. It was an exhilarating time. We never knew what adventure we were going to encounter next, or what...


Undoubtedly there is a hopelessness that comes when we reject God’s standards, but there is an equally terrible hopelessness that can overwhelm Christians who strive for perfection, and give themselves no space for honesty about the very real sin we face each day.

How Can We Know

Have you ever experienced a moment of doubt about your faith – where you know that what you believe is the truth, that you have relationship with God and have received eternal life... but how can you be sure? I know that I have had these moments, and the author John...

A Treasure Of Relationships

The late Mother Therese of India was one of those who was exposed to the worst of human suffering. Living and ministering among the poorest of the poor in Calcutta, she had seen it all. When she was asked what she considered the greatest of all human suffering, she replied “Loneliness”. God never intended us to be alone.

Humbling And Infectious

That's Natasja Foster's faith – and while she doesn't trumpet it, its mere fact is enough to spur on those of us who battle to get out of our comfort zones. Comfort zones that are so often warm and cloying, bringing with them spiritual atrophy. Over java one warm...

The Greatest Story Ever Told

Storytelling is as old as mankind. It has been a way to pass on information, teach, entertain and amaze. Most of our discussions on a daily basis have some form of storytelling. The trouble with storytelling is how much can be lost in translation or exaggerated to the point of absurdity. (“Well MY dad is so strong he can pick up a truck with one hand…”)
In this context of the power of storytelling and how easily altered a story can be, the Bible is a stand alone miracle…